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About Judith

foto about meHi there! My name is Judith and I’m a 24 year old Dutchie currently living in Utrecht! Although my home country is The Netherlands I have travelled quite extensively around the world where I’ve lived in countries I also called home, such as; Curacao, Finland, Lapland, Australia and Spain. Each time I arrive in a new city I wish to call home I always look to do things ‘the local way’. I want to adapt and integrate as quickly and as smoothly as possible however, surfing the web never really gave me the means to find real useful information all in one easily accessible place, most of it was irrelevant or with insignificant detail, not to mention in a foreign language!

Throughout my studies here in Utrecht I’ve met countless international students trying to hit the ground running in their new city. I always love showing them around and giving them useful hints and tips, do’s and don’ts to make sure they get the best this wonderful city has to offer! After all it’s unlikely someone new to the city is going to be familiar, for example, with the best quality and cheapest supermarkets, that great little place to grab coffee and a sandwich, where to get the best deal on a bike or in more depth the registration process here in The Netherlands.

I had to learn the hard way by surfing the web over time, browsing over none interesting and impersonal pages that provided insufficient information, I needed it at my fingertips. This is where and when Findyourwayin was born. It’s my way of showing my love for travel, new places, hospitality and of course my current city, Utrecht. I want others to be able to get the best of, and enjoy the same quality of life here as I have!

About Louise

Louise FYWIHello! My name’s Louise and I’m a 31 year old Brit living in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I’ve been living in this wonderful city for a little over ten months now and it very much feels like home! Although England will always be my first home as it’s where my family and the majority of my friends are, I’m a traveller at heart who has always had a desire to see the world, a passion for different cultures (my personal favourite, the Dutch) and a taste for adventure!
This has of course lead me to flee the nest, fall out of my comfort zone (often) and move around quite a lot!

I have been fortunate enough to be able to call various places in different countries around the world ‘home’, and as you would expect, doing so has had its fair share of up’s and downs! Jumping to a foreign country to live can require a certain amount of paperwork, research and time to figure out the system and settle in. Travellers like myself don’t always get sufficient time to do this, especially in temporary or short-term environments. Then again, even if your new city was going to be more long term, who wouldn’t want to find out the best and worst bits straight away, all in one easily accessible place, not to mention all the boring (but none the less important) paperwork and documentation required to avoid any nasty surprises further down the line?

That’s when the idea of Findyourwayin was brought to life. So to begin with lets start with Utrecht, my current home. I want to be able to help you likeminded people, for whatever reason, move and settle here giving you the best start possible, sharing my knowledge, experience and by letting you know vital information I wish I had available to me first hand. So are you ready? Relocating to Utrecht for work, studies or any other reason? Here it is, all of the best and most important bits. A guide to give you the best possible start, plus to let you know all of this great little cities coolest hotspots so that you can feel more relaxed that you got everything covered and start to enjoy right away!

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