Top 5 things to do in Summer

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Top 5 things to do in Summer

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Whether you’re a student or not, summer is coming and here’s where the Dutchies hang out! 

1. BBQ or picnic in the park

Whenever the sun’s out, the Dutchies are too! Because here in The Netherlands there is limited outdoor space at our homes, we like to create our own chill out spots at our local parks! Luckily Utrecht has lots of ‘green’ outdoor spots perfect for this. Bring food, drinks (alcoholic drinks are not allowed so be vigilant with them as you do risk getting a fine if you get caught drinking), some music, games and something to sit on. We promise you’ll have a great day!


2. Around the city on a water cycle (Pedalo)

It may sound a bit dull but honestly it’s a hilarious and a great way to explore the city. Sneak a bottle of wine or some beers onto your little boat, gather a few friends and have a fun hour on the water!


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3. Free festival (Festival of liberty, May 5th)

On the 5th of May every year the Dutchies celebrate liberty. All cities throw their own Festival and so does Utrecht. A little outside of town a park is transformed for this big event. Every year there is a different line up and surely with the choice of different stages, no matter what your taste, yore gonna have a great day! What’s more is that this is a free festival! The crowd varies from children to oldies. Top Tip! It can get quite busy so make sure you don’t show up too late, otherwise you could find yourself waiting for a while before you can get in. Drinks are sold for a reasonable price and they also throw in some incentives such as 10 plastic cups given back get you a free drink. Toppie! 🙂


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4. Kingsday (former Queensday)

Each year on the 27 April the Dutchies celebrate the birth of their King. Kingsday is the most well known festival in Dutchland and in every city you’ll find flee markets lining the streets. In the larger cities there is a full day of entertainment waiting for you, such as live bands, DJ’s, food, drinks, a heard of people dressed in orange. One big orange party basically! During this day everyone dresses in orange so make sure you don’t turn up sticking out like a sore thumb! Almost everything takes place outdoors and this is one of those days where you can drink alcohol on the streets and walk around the wide variety of things to do.


It’s not just about Kingsday, the night prior to this event we (the young ones) party all through the night to cheers on our King. A lot of places will organize special parties dedicated to this event so note that you might have to be on the ball to buy yourself tickets.

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5. Swim & Sunbathe (Other great places you have to visit during the summer)

A short bike ride away from Utrecht you’ll find some great places where you can sunbath, relax and swim; yes the Dutchies swim in their local lakes and canals, and good to know some are clean enough to do so!

De Munt: Time for summer vibes, chill out on the grassy bank which runs along the canal, watch people cooling off by doing ‘the jump’. The water is nice and clean here. Again, take your own food and drinks as there is nothing much around apart from the little restaurant close by where you can use the toilet for a few cents (they sometimes ask you to leave a small donation) When you gotta go, you gotta go!


Address: Leidseweg 90, 3531 BG Utrecht

Haarrijnse plas: A little further out (30 min by bike) and absolutely worth a visit! A lot of families go here for swimming and sunbathing, and the nice thing about this place is that it feels more or less like being on holiday. They provide toilets here! And a café.


Address: Maarssenseweg, Utrecht

Strand Soia (city beach): This place has been closed down for a while but this summer you’ll be able to visit again. Chill! You can’t swim here but they have done their very best to make it look like you’re on a beach somewhere more exotic than The Netherlands! They also sometimes organize activities like beach volleyball, BBQ parties etc. Another great place to hang out!


Address: Kanaalweg 199, 3533 HL Utrecht
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